Dante’s Upcoming 2023 Performances, Classes, Workshops and Festivals:

Hollywood Tap Fest
Residencies: July 24-27
Main Event: July 28-30

Utah Tap Fest Residency
August 3-6

Shantalliv Tap Festival
August 12 & 13
Castlegregory, Ireland
IG: @KerryTapEnsemble

Tap Workshop Rio
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
August 19, 20 & 21
IG: @tap.workshop

3rd Annual Tap Studio Master
São Paulo, Brazil
Aug 25 – 29

III Tap Studio Master
September 1-5
Sao Paulo, Brasil

Hollywood Tap Fest - Dante
Class with Dante Lara – Hollywood Tap Fest

Hollywood Tap Fest
Hollywood Tap Fest

Shantalliv Tap Festival
Shantalliv Tap Festival

Utah Tap Fest
Utah Tap Fest

National Tap Day
Rhapsody In Taps & Guests Celebrate National Tap Day!

Publicity photo for the film SPIRITED. Ryan Reynolds with us tap dancers.
LA Times

Performing at the 2022 DC Tap Fest.